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It’s gonna get a little weird, gonna get a little wild on Disney XD come March 30th. That’s when Star vs. the Forces of Evil  returns with brand new episodes on Disney XD according to Nick and More and a Disney press release. However, if you do not wish to wait for March 30th, a pair of new episodes will be made available to verified users of, the Disney XD app, and Disney XD on Demand on February 23rd.

Star will then join the Disney XD lineup at 8pm ET/7pm CT with a replay of the opening episodes (“Star Comes to Earth”/“Party with a Pony”) followed by a brand new pair of episodes. The show will apparently follow a 2 x 11 format meaning a pair of 11-minute episodes per show.

Star’s debut on Disney Channel on January 18th drew an estimated 2.325 million viewers. It did receive strong lead-ins from the two shows preceding it on that Sunday night:  Austin and Ally (3.076M) and K.C. Undercover (3.509M).

Star Wars: Rebels has been ranging 500K-700K viewers on Disney XD over the last nine episodes. Gravity Falls has been ranging roughly 800K-1.1M per episode. Somewhere in between could be deemed very good numbers for Star when it comes to Disney XD starting on March 30th. We’ll see what the numbers are then.



[Derpy News Special Feature] Here’s a show created by Daron Nefcy (who has worked on Wander Over Yonder as a storyboard revisionist) about a princess (Star Butterfly) who moves to Earth from her fantasy dimension of Mewni to live with her new best-Earth-friend, Marco Diaz. Together they battle interdimensional villains as Star learns to wield her newly-bestowed magic wand. It also has ponies.

The show is set to start airing regularly later in 2015 on Disney XD.

“Star Comes to Earth”

Written by Mike Mullen

“Party With a Pony”

Written by Ian Wasseluk

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