Star vs. 403 & 404 – Moon Remembers; Swim Suit & Ransomgram; Lake House Fever Episode Guide


403 – “Moon Remembers; Swim Suit”

Written by: Casey Crowe, Charlotte Jackson; Amelia Lorenz, Kristen Gish
Moon is back, and Star wants to find the perfect time to tell her about Globgor.; Star and Marco plan their beach day, but Eclipsa needs Star’s help with an unexpected problem.

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404 – “Ransomgram; Lake House Fever”

Written by: Gina Gress, Cassie Zwart; Zach Marcus, Kenny Pittenger
Star and Marco journey to the Neverzone to rescue his friend Nachos from mysterious demons.; When a storm traps Star at Tom’s family lake house, she turns it into a fun excursion.

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